Root Adventure Pack: Coding in Outer Space


Calling all space cadets! If you’re over the moon for coding, prepare to have a blast with this Root Adventure Pack. Taking learning to code out of this world, glide through the galaxy with the Root coding robot. From encountering aliens to dodging asteroids, do you have what it takes to become an intergalactic explorer?

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Tech Specs

Celebrating the whimsical connections between coding, learning and play, Root Adventure Packs propel learners into a whole new world using the Root coding robot. Available in different themes, Root Adventure Packs deliver immersive STEM experiences that encourage critical thinking and creative problem solving across subjects.

Each Root Adventure Pack includes a foldable, double-sided whiteboard activity mat, a virtual background for in-app use, vinyl clings, and digital access to themed STEM content. The multi-color side of the mat is designed to fuel storytelling, while the greyscale side encourages exploration using colored dry-erase markers, vinyl clings and more! Root coding robots are sold separately.

64 cm x 128 cm | 25.2 in x 50.4 in

.054 kg | 1 lb


Q: What robot are Root Adventure Packs compatible with?

A: Root Adventure Packs are designed for use with Root coding robots.


Q: How many Root® Coding Robots are Root™ Adventure Packs compatible with?

A: Root Adventure Packs are designed for use with up to 4 Root coding robots.


Q: Can Root™ Adventure Packs be used exclusively online?

A: While Root Adventure Packs may be used for remote learning, they are best suited for hybrid or in-person learning. Some activities may require creative enhancements in order to use them for full-time remote learning. For ways we can help, please reach out to


Q: What age are Root™ Adventure Packs designed for?

A: While the activity mat may be used by students of all skill levels, the content included in Root Adventure Packs is best suited for learners between 6-12 years of age.