Root Adventure Pack: Coding at Sea


Ahoy matey! When it comes to learning, there’s no such thing as overboard. If you have what it takes to be a pirate, grab this Root Adventure Pack and get ready to sail your Root Coding Robot across uncharted waters. Navigate landmarks, discover mer-Roots and plunder the island for hidden treasure! If you’re ready to join the crew, say AYE!

Tech Specs

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What's Included

Let the Adventures Begin

Root Adventure Packs cater to visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners by immersing them in the magic of learning to code through play. Each Adventure Pack includes:

  • 1 Foldable, two-sided activity mat
  • 1 Virtual activity mat for in-App use
  • Digital access to themed STEM activities
  • 1 Set of vinyl cling decals
Dive into the magic of coding
Compatible with all iRobot Root Coding Robots, celebrate the intersection of coding, discovery, and play with themed Root Adventure Packs (Robots sold separately).
Imaginative settings spark new discovery
The Coding at Sea activity mat, themed STEM activities, and vinyl cling decals fuel storytelling and exploration, immersing learners in the magic of discovering code through play. The 128 x 64cm foldable, double-sided whiteboard activity mat is easy to clean and store.
Powered by the iRobot Coding App
New to coding? No problem! Play at your own pace with 3 Learning Levels that make controlling the Root Robot easy for beginners but still exciting enough to engage experienced coders.
Continue coding in school or at home
Travel between the real and virtual world of robots. Interactive activity mats for in-App use let learners continue coding just about anywhere!
Digitally access themed STEM activities
Introduce learners to coding with digital access to themed STEM activities ranging from scavenger hunts and obstacle courses to robo-costumes and beyond! Activities will vary between packs.
Looking for the Root® coding robot?
Get started now! Learners can code the Root® Robot to draw artwork, play music, respond to touch, light, and sound, and more, all while exploring the fundamentals of robotics.
Learn to code with your friends at iRobot
With over 30 years of building and programming robots, learn to code with the expert that brings you the Roomba® Robot Vacuum and Braava® Robot Mop.

Tech Specs

Celebrating the whimsical connections between coding, learning and play, Root Adventure Packs propel learners into a whole new world using the Root coding robot. Available in different themes, Root Adventure Packs deliver immersive STEM experiences that encourage critical thinking and creative problem solving across subjects.

Each Root Adventure Pack includes a foldable, double-sided whiteboard activity mat, a virtual background for in-app use, vinyl clings, and digital access to themed STEM content. The multi-color side of the mat is designed to fuel storytelling, while the greyscale side encourages exploration using colored dry-erase markers, vinyl clings and more! Root coding robots are sold separately.

64 cm x 128 cm | 25.2 in x 50.4 in

.054 kg | 1 lb


Q: What robot are Root Adventure Packs compatible with?

A: Root Adventure Packs are designed for use with Root coding robots.


Q: How many Root® Coding Robots are Root™ Adventure Packs compatible with?

A: Root Adventure Packs are designed for use with up to 4 Root coding robots.


Q: Can Root™ Adventure Packs be used exclusively online?

A: While Root Adventure Packs may be used for remote learning, they are best suited for hybrid or in-person learning. Some activities may require creative enhancements in order to use them for full-time remote learning. For ways we can help, please reach out to


Q: What age are Root™ Adventure Packs designed for?

A: While the activity mat may be used by students of all skill levels, the content included in Root Adventure Packs is best suited for learners between 6-12 years of age.