Training: Hit the Code Running


Robots are revolutionizing education, serving as powerful teaching tools that engage and motivate students in novel ways. Complementing the roles of teachers, robots provide opportunities to scaffold and differentiate lessons to deliver learning in ways that resonate with every student in the classroom. Not only instrumental in teaching computer science and digital literacy, educational robots can enhance other subjects as well. Take, for example, the class that blends computer science into geography lessons. By challenging students to program their robot to navigate across maps and identify different continents and countries, you have the opportunity to connect coding with other subjects. With creative application, the sky is the limit when teaching with robots, but the real question is: how do you get started?

Secure a seat in our introductory webinar to learn everything you need to “hit the code running” with iRobot™ Education’s learning tools. No matter your experience with coding or robots, this webinar addresses the big questions that make learning with robots the valuable, interdisciplinary tool that it is today. From exploring the benefits of using robots to enhance student engagement, to in-depth overviews explaining how to use our learning tools and lesson library, develop the skills and mindset to comfortably integrate coding and robotics into your classroom.

Reserve your seat now and learn with other educators from across North America. Hosted by our learning experience specialists, you will be guided through the basics of using iRobot™ Education’s learning tools to unlock new teaching opportunities. Please note that webinar seating is limited to 20 attendees and a minimum threshold of attendance must be met to host the training. 

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Product Information

What's Included

1 Webinar Seat
*Limited to 20 attendees


Who would benefit?

Educators who want to…

  • Feel confident adding coding and robotics to your teaching toolkit
  • Connect classroom learning with robots in the real world
  • Engage students using experiential learning opportunities

Why enroll?

  • Develop the skills and mindset to integrate coding and robotics into your classroom
  • Build confidence in navigating, deploying and integrating our learning resources
  • Empower yourself to reach beyond your comfort zone by modifying existing lessons and even creating your own lessons
  • Gain new techniques for in-person and remote teaching

What to expect?

  • Opportunities to discover our educational resources through engaging talks and demonstrations provided by our learning experience team
  • Freedom to ask questions during the session verbally or through a chat function to join the conversation in real-time
  • A fresh perspective on how to leverage our learning tools in your classroom