Coding with Root: Self-Guided Training


Discover how to swiftly, confidently, and successfully deploy Root Coding Robots into your educational landscape! Designed for K-8 educators, this self-guided professional development course lets you learn on your own time with 6-months of access to 15+ hours of learning. The featured course, “Hit the Code Running,” offers a detailed overview on ways to integrate the Root coding robot into your classroom curriculum.

The course also contains 10+ additional enrichment units, including:

  • Enhancing Social Emotional Skills with Root
  • Hosting a Coding Summer Camp with Root
  • DIY Family Engagement Events with Root
  • And so much more!

Following course purchase, you will receive your login and will have a 6-month period (180 days) to complete the course. 

Tech Specs

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Product Information

What's Included


Who would benefit?

Educators who want to…

  • Feel confident adding coding and robotics to your teaching toolkit
  • Connect classroom learning with robots in the real world
  • Engage students using experiential learning opportunities

Why enroll?
  • Develop the skills and mindset to integrate coding and robotics into your classroom
  • Build confidence in navigating, deploying and integrating our learning resources
  • Empower yourself to reach beyond your comfort zone by modifying existing lessons and even creating your own lessons
  • Gain new techniques for in-person and remote teaching

What to expect?
  • Opportunities to discover our educational resources through engaging talks and demonstrations provided by our learning experience team
  • Freedom to ask questions during the session verbally or through a chat function to join the conversation in real-time
  • A fresh perspective on how to leverage our learning tools in your classroom