Trainer Membership

$200 for 1 year of access

Fold robotics into your teaching with a one-year membership curated for educators who want to demonstrate the tangible outcomes of learning to code. Bring code to life using a real Root® coding robot while encouraging use of the iRobot® Coding App’s simulator environment, and more!

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Tech Specs

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Product Information

What's Included

1 Year of Access to...

Discover the Root® Coding Robot (1)
$199.99 Value
Bring code to life with access to six Root coding robots and the App’s virtual Root SimBots. Please note: Membership required for robot operation.
Unlock the Ability to Build with (1) Root™ Brick Top Accessory
$19.99 Value
Kick your imagination up a notch with the Root Brick Top accessory, which lets you add on to the Root coding robot with a variety of common building blocks.
Access Classic and Premium Educator Content
$60+ Value
Explore classic content and premium educator content at no extra cost. Premium educator content includes lesson modeled after academic standards plans, 3D printable accessory files, and a first look at pre-released activities.
Complete Educator Training
$300+ Value
Access self-guided training for the duration of your membership. Plus, attend a formal introductory training session with a members-only discount on additional seats.
VIP Webinar Registration
Be the first to know about iRobot Education’s upcoming learning design webinars and receive priority registration before it’s available to the public.
Attend iRobot™ Coding Club Office Hours
Drop in with any questions, comments or ideas during live office hours with the iRobot Education team.

RoboCare Coverage Included
Every Root coding robot received through the iRobot Coding Club comes with a RoboCare protection plan for the lifetime of the membership.
Dedicated Customer Support
Skip the line by contacting our in-house team directly to receive expert customer support and personalized integration advice.

Tech Specs

Long Description
What better way to inspire a love for coding and robotics than through real-world experiences? The Creator plan is perfect for sharing Root® coding robots across small groups of students. Including access to six Root® coding robots, students can collaborate together or complete lessons individually on the iRobot® Coding app before watching their code come to life!

On top of in-depth educator training, priority registration to webinars and direct access to a dedicated customer support line, the Creator plan also includes access to six Root® coding robots, six Root™ brick tops, premium educator content and RoboCare coverage for one year.

Unit Size
Root® Coding Robot: 13.4 cm x 14.9 cm x 4.5 cm | 5.28 in x 5.87 in x 1.77 in
Root™ Brick Top Accessory: 16.26 cm x 16.99 cm x 2.7 cm | 6.4in x 6.69in x 1.06 in

Unit Weight
Root® Coding Robot: 2.72 kg | 6 lb
Root™ Brick Top Accessory: .146 kg | .322 lb

Bluetooth® Low Energy—Pair your devices with the iRobot® Coding platform using Bluetooth® technology to control the robot and watch code come alive.

2600 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery

32x Color sensors
4x Capacitive touch zones
2x Front bumpers
2x Light-sensing eyes
2x Wheel encoders
1x Power button
1x 3D gyroscope
1x 3D accelerometer
1x IR cliff sensor
1x Battery level monitor

2x Drive motors
4x Large multicolor LEDs
1x Piezoelectric speaker
1x Marker lift & drop motor
1x Eraser lift & drop motor

External Connectors
1x Charging cable port
2x Charging contacts


What age(s) is the Root® coding robot designed for?
The Root® Coding Robot is designed for pre-readers as young as age 6. For any child under the age of 6, adult help is recommended.

What operating systems is the Root® coding robot compatible with?
The Root® Coding Robot is compatible with devices running most major, up-to-date operating systems, including Android, Chrome OS, Windows, iOS, and macOS. Users may access the iRobot® Coding platform at or through the iOS Root Coding app.

How do I connect my device with the Root® coding robot?
In order to connect to the Root® coding robot using the iRobot® Coding platform, your device requires Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and a supported browser such as Chrome or Edge. If using the Root Coding App, please ensure your device is running iOS 10 or higher.

What is the idea behind the iRobot Coding Club?
One of the greatest barriers to getting started with coding and robotics is not knowing where to start! Our hope is that bundling professional development, educator content, and support alongside access to coding robots will help ensure successful integration and increase accessibility to robotics, coding and STEAM education. Plus, a variety of membership options are designed to cater to educators across budgets and learning environments. Please visit our product page for more information.

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