Root® Classroom Pack (6) PLUS Introductory Training for Two (2)


Limited Time Offer! To help you prepare for the upcoming school year, iRobot™ Education is bundling our Root® Classroom pack with two (2) free seats to our introductory training session.

Whether you are dedicating each robot to a small group of students, seeking an entirely online experience, or a healthy mix of both, this educator bundle provides you with everything you need to get started with coding and robotics.

For in-classroom experiences, the Root® Classroom pack includes 6 Root® rt1 Robots, standard accessories, a printable Learning Level 1 activity pack and a 1-year subscription to premium content for up to 6 devices.

Using its companion iRobot® Coding App, you and your students are able to not only control the robots, but also leverage a simulated version of the robot. This approach allows you to flexibly send projects home with students, with the ability to bring them to life with the robot when returning to the classroom.

To top it all off, the Root® Classroom pack now includes two free all-access passes to our introductory "Hit the Code Running" professional development webinar. Here you and one other colleague will get to join other educators in developing the skills and mindset to comfortably integrate coding and robotics into your hybrid classroom, and beyond. Offer ends September 30, 2020. 


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Product Information

What's Included

Hit the Code Running (Reserve a Seat) Training

2 Free Webinar Seats
*Limited to 20 attendees
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2 Free Webinar Seats Included for a Limited Time Only!

Secure a seat in our introductory webinar to learn everything you need to “hit the code running” with iRobot™ Education’s learning tools. No matter your experience with coding or robots, this webinar addresses the big questions that make learning with robots the valuable, interdisciplinary tool that it is today. From exploring the benefits of using robots to enhance student engagement, to in-depth overviews explaining how to use our learning tools and lesson library, develop the skills and mindset to comfortably integrate coding and robotics into your classroom.

Hosted by our learning experience specialists, you will be guided through the basics of using iRobot™ Education’s learning tools to unlock new teaching opportunities. Reserve your seat now and join other educators from across the globe in developing the skills and mindset to comfortably integrate coding and robotics into your classroom.

View the product page for more information. Offer expires September 30, 2020.

Root® Classroom Pack (6)

6 Root® coding robots
6 Root® coding robots
6 Charging cables
6 Charging cables
6 Sets of vinyl cling stickers
6 Sets of vinyl cling stickers
6 Reusable fold-out whiteboards
6 Reusable fold-out whiteboards
6 Microfiber cloths
6 Microfiber cloths
12 Dry erase markers
12 Dry erase markers
1 Printable Learning Level 1 activity pack
1 Year subscription to premium content for up to 6 devices
1 Year of premium content for up to 6 devices

Tech Specs

40.2 cm x 30.1 cm x 20.9 cm | 15.83 in x 11.85 in x 8.23 in

7.76 kg | 17.12 lb

Bluetooth® Low Energy—Pair your devices with the iRobot® Coding platform using Bluetooth® technology to control the robot and watch code come alive.

2600 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery

32x Color sensors
4x Capacitive touch zones
2x Front bumpers
2x Light-sensing eyes
2x Wheel encoders
1x Power button
1x 3D gyroscope
1x 3D accelerometer
1x IR cliff sensor
1x Battery level monitor

2x Drive motors
4x Large multicolor LEDs
1x Piezoelectric speaker
1x Marker lift & drop motor
1x Eraser lift & drop motor

External Connectors
1x Charging cable port
2x Charging contacts


What age(s) is the Root® coding robot designed for?
The Root® Coding Robot is designed for pre-readers as young as age 6. For any child under the age of 6, adult help is recommended.

What operating systems is the Root® coding robot compatible with?
The Root® Coding Robot is compatible with devices running most major, up-to-date operating systems, including Android, Chrome OS, Windows, iOS, and macOS. Users may access the iRobot® Coding platform at or through the iOS Root Coding app.

How do I connect my device with the Root® coding robot?
In order to connect to the Root® coding robot using the iRobot® Coding platform, your device requires Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and a supported browser such as Chrome or Edge. If using the Root Coding App, please ensure your device is running iOS 10 or higher.

Are there activities available for the Root® coding robot?
Yes! Please visit our learning library for hours of coding and STEM activities. Premium content modeled after educational standards is also available on a subscription-basis.

Are there any limitations on Professional Development?
Yes. Professional Development is limited to people residing in North America. Professional Development sessions must be scheduled within 30 days of purchase. Delivery of the Professional Development must be completed by December 31, 2020. 

When does this promotion end?
This promotion ends on September 30, 2020. 

More questions?
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