October 15, 2018

Root's Classroom Quiet Game

Root can be a very well-behaved class pet! This Classroom Quiet Game uses Root and your whiteboard to provide an engaging incentive for students to keep their volume down during quiet work periods. 

To get started, draw one vertical line on the left side of your whiteboard; this is your START. Next, ask your students for help coming up with a list of rewards they'd like to work towards, ranging from small to large. Draw a series of vertical lines across the board to act as checkpoints, labeling each with one of the rewards your class had listed. When Root eventually crosses a line, your class has achieved that reward!


Place your Root on the START line facing right. 

Code Root to drive forward 1 cm/s when it is quiet

and stop (or even drive backward!) when it is loud.

Press play and watch Root creep across the board; try not to be too loud as you cheer it on!