April 13, 2018

Root Featured at TED 2018

Root was invited to be a part of a new event called The Playground at TED 2018! The nearly 1,500 attendees will experiment with new products and ideas that need to be spread. It is certainly an honor and an incredible opportunity to showcase Root to the amazing people who make up the TED audience. This year's theme is The Age of Amazement, where “truly jaw-dropping demonstrations of tech power are emerging almost every day. And they are likely to play a huge role in the story of the coming years.” We hope that we have the opportunity to play a huge role in developing a new generation of problem solvers and help to fuel the software developer job growth of 24% through 2026.

Some beautiful artwork was created during our time at TED, check some of it out below! Special thanks to M Eifler for their beautiful work! Follow #CodeWithRoot on FB, Twitter and Instagram for more TED updates! We're also featured on the TED Blog