May 22, 2018

Root at the Bay Area Maker Faire!

We're honored to have been invited to the flagship Bay Area Maker Faire this past weekend! Maker Faire is a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness and a celebration of the Maker movement.

The Maker movement has been growing since the 2005 launch of MAKE magazine, inspiring a generation of technology-inspired innovators who will become tomorrow’s leaders and entrepreneurs. Root’s ability to use technology to inspire creativity makes us an almost perfect fit with all the Makers out there. Hundreds of Makers came by to visit us in the Learning Lab, coding and making artwork and music with Root and explore all the truly amazing things you can do with your imagination. 

The entire weekend was non-stop; it was so great to meet and speak to some of our backers and fans and introduce Root to new Makers! We never tired of hearing how amazed Makers were with Root and its possibilities. Two features that Makers were most astonished with was Root vertically moving and drawing shape wheels on the whiteboard and the three different levels of our app to teach coding skills that grow with you. The idea is to not require investing more in multiple purchases for different age groups. It was very gratifying to know all the hard work that we've putting in the last couple of years has been worth it, that came to fruition this weekend.

Check out more photos below and read more about the history of Maker Faire, here.