April 18, 2018

Root at ASU + GSV

We're continuing our sweep across the country - this week our co-founder & CEO, Zee is at the ASU+GSV Summit, which attracts over 4,000 leaders in the learning, technology and talent sectors. Zee is on a panel alongside the leaders of Wonder Workshop, Kano and Tynker to discuss the impact of robots in the classroom.

Educating kids in STEM, coding and computational thinking is critical for providing access to the 21st century innovation economy, but many school districts struggle to find ways to engage their students in this area - the panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities posed by educational robotic toys and how they may play a role in increasing equity and access to the innovation economy.

Moreover, recently the Boston Consulting Group updated their previous estimate on the global spending on robots; projecting an additional $14 billion of growth in the consumer robot market, up over 150% over its earlier estimate. In order to inspire the next generation of problem solvers, we need to utilize the tools which will help them become most successful - We at Root Robotics believe that combining the hardware of a robot and a beautifully designed, intuitive app will help achieve that goal.