October 15, 2018

Root Alphabet Guide

This Root Alphabet Guide is a helpful resource as you begin to code Root to draw letterforms on any drawing surface. 

First, select which letter you'd like to code Root to draw. Remember, some are more difficult than others!

For this "R," we're going to place Root at the bottom of our drawing area.

The first step in the guide's "R" is circled in GREEN. Here, it says to drive forward 16 cm. In the Code with Root iOS app, find the code block that tells Root to drive forward. The block's default distance is 16cm already, so we don't need to edit the block.

The next block says to drive forward 4 cm. Drag a new forward block out from the block drawer and connect it to your program. Tap to edit the distance, and drag the Root icon backward in the editor until it says "4 cm." Tap anywhere outside of the editor to exit.

Continue to follow the dotted line around the letter "R" for the rest of the code instructions. The last code instruction is circled in RED.

Try experimenting with coding Root to draw all sorts of letters. Can you even code it to say "Hello?"