May 16, 2018

Making Art with Root

This summer, Root will be traveling to Chicago to exhibit at ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education). Our Learning Design Lead will be speaking a various events about how Root can be used as a coding tool that integrates a range of creative disciplines. Root merges technology, math, art and design, allowing kids to engage critical thinking to solve problems. 

From time to time, we invite local area kids to Root headquarters to participate in workshops to get real-time feedback on using Root and our content and curriculum - for our latest workshop, we wanted the kids to get their creative juices flowing and create a mural using Root. The kids started off with a warm up activity, making shape wheels with Root and practicing their designs.  




They had to think about their designs and the shapes they wanted in their murals - are they shapes with curves or edges? Will the shapes be closer together or spread out? Are the shapes more planned or random? They used skills they learned in previous workshops, like Tilt Drive and boomerangs to create their designs. Finally, they moved their final creations onto poster board and added colors, shadow and highlights to their murals.





Here's everyone with their completed mural artwork! It was so much fun and amazing to see everyone's creativity and unique interpretation of the project. Cheers to making art with Root!